Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Final Plenary evening session of the 58th session of the CND

Chair.  Very late informals and had to wait for documentation. Thanked everyone for staying with us.  This evening we have two remaining agenda items.  Item 9 and 11.  Took care of 10 yesterday.  Eight 8 -- Special session and provision agenda for Special Sessions to be held by Commission.  Preliminary agenda has already been circulated and then at the EB meeting on March 5.  matter has already been discussed in EB meeting last week.  2015/L.14.  Draft decision preliminary agenda.  To be held during 59th session of CND as appears in L14.  Invites commission to approve these two decisions.  No comments.  So decided.

Item 9. Provisional agenda of 59th session of the Commission.  Chairs requested to continue consultations.  No further comments received.  Document 2015 L/15,  Reference will be included under B related to preparations for UNGASS in which CND decided in resolution 69/200.  Adequate, inclusive preparatory process.  In preparation will hold formal meetings including two during reconvened session in December.  Up to 8 during 59th session in March 2016.  Also intercessional meetings will be held.  Invite CND to approve provisional agenda.  No objections.  So decided.

Committee of the Whole - L9. Strengthening international cooperation in preventing and combatting illicit financial flows/money laundering linked to drug trafficking from the anti-money laundering perspective


There have been heated discussions on this draft. There are a few things that have not reached consensus. 


Requests clarification on whether when we are speaking about drug trafficking, can there be licit and illicit drug trafficking?


We are dealing with illegal activities that have been criminalised, therefore flows of money from this are illicit. However, they also get mixed in with licit financial flows. Both should be tracked.

Monday, 16 March 2015

CND Day 2 - Plenary Session Presentation of Item 10

Agenda item 10

Item 10 is - other matters. Main item is that the CND is to provide a substantial contribution to ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council) theme of 2015: Managing the transition from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals’. Commission will provide to ECOSOC a substantial contribution to this theme by 29th of May 2015, following an invitation from President of ECOSOC. 

Committee of the Whole - L8. Supporting Public Health and Justice System Collaboration in Providing Alternative Sentences for Drug Involved Offenders

United states. Very productive informals.  Many delegations and good spirit of compromise. 
Title.  Supporting the collaboration of public health and justice authorities . o pursue alternative measures to conviction or punishment..  NO comments.

Committee of the Whole - L10. Strengthening cooperation with academia and promoting scientific research in drug control issues in order to achieve the goals set forth in the Political Declaration and Plan of Action on International Cooperation towards an Integrated and Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem

Russia. The aim of the resolution is to consolidate scientific potential to provide assistance to member states at CND on demand and supply. It is necessary to set up an efficient cooperation system between CND and academia to adapt the scientific knowledge into effective decisions. The focus of academia on the world drug problem will enable to focus our work at the UNGASS in 2016 to formulate measures and balanced approaches in addressing the world drug problem.

Committee of the Whole - Financial implications for resolutions L4, L5, L12 and L13

L4. OP5. Extra-budgetary resources: USD486,000 are required for the treatment and care of young people, including a 3 day workshop, a report, a professional staff and a general support staff for this activity. In addition, USD 2.21 million will be required for guidance and assistance to member states with 10 regional trainings, a professional staff, a professional support staff. Should the resources not be acquired, the activity will not take place.

CND Day 2 - Plenary Session Presentation of Items 7 & 10

Item 7. World situation with regard to drug trafficking and recommendations of the subsidiary bodies of the Commission

Report of the UNODC on the world drug situation (E/CN.7/2015/4) and on action taken by subsidiary bodies (E/CN.7/2015/5).