Tuesday, 24 February 2015

CND Intersessional - 23 February 2015 (Morning session)

The main discussions this morning were held around the scheduling of ketamine proposed by China. 

The Chair opens the session. 

1 - Agenda for the special segment of CND focused on the UNGASS
In the last CND interssesional of 29th January, member-states discussed the agenda for the Special Session on the UNGASS at this year CND.  The work at the 58th session of the CND, including the work of the Committee of the Whole, will be available in the website of the CND. The revised of work of the Special Session, including the decisions taken at the 29th January inter-sessional will be available at the website of the Commission. The African representative for the extended meeting will be the delegate of  Nigeria (Mr. Mohamed Sh.). Eastern European states need to nominate their candidate for the Vice Chair position. 

2- UNGASS BOARD and the composition of the UNGASS Board
The nomitation on behalf of the Asian pacific group for the first- vice-chair have been the delegates of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan
The composition is now the following:
  • Hungary representing the East European estates
  • Portugal representing West countries
  • Colombia and El Salvador representing Latin American countries and GRULAC.
  • Iran and Afghanistan
Now, there are 6 members at a 4 members board, so we might need to consider this. 

3- Opening of the 58th session of the commission

After the adoption of the provisional agenda, it is agreed that the at the opening session of CND in the morning of 9th March, there will be: 
  • A statement by the president of the UNOCD and a statement by the president of the INCB
  • GRULAC and Afghanistan have confirmed that they will deliver an statement at the opening of the session
Other states confirm their participation: 
  • Latvia on behalf of The EU will also deliver an statement
  • Chile will also deliver an statement 
  • Nigeria on behalf of the African Group
  • Iran will deliver a statement
  • Colombia – minister of Justice will take the floor at the opening session
  • Bolivia – minister will be deliver a statement
  • (Another LA country ) State Prossecutor will deliver a statement
  • Russian Federation – The director of the federal service against drugs will deliver a statement

Thursday, 29 January 2015

CND Intersessional - 29 January 2015 (Afternoon session)

Following a two-hour informal session, Member States reconvened just after 5pm to discuss the agenda for the special segment of CND focused on the UNGASS (to take place 9th-12th March 2015):

Switzerland: The importance of including access to essential medicines... [The connection was interrupted].

CND Intersessional - 29 January 2015 (Morning session)

The agenda for today has three items: 1) CND contributions to the work of ECOSOC, 2) preparations for the 'regular segment' of CND next March (including the proposals to schedule 13 new substances), and 3) preparations for the special segment on the UNGASS next March. The new Thai Chair, Ambassador Srisamoot, presided over the discussions. There will be another intersessional meeting on 23rd February 2015.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Roundtable on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -- Friday 5th December

There is consensus that there is a negative and mutually reinforcing link between violence, insecurity, and development.  There are six essential elements for delivery y Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Partnership, justice, planet, people, dignity, property.  “Justice” to promote safe and peaceful societies and strong institutions.” Violence reduction is one of these targets, and violent deaths are an indicator.

CND Intersessional -- Friday 5th December

Guatemala.  The delegations talks about drug-trafficking abiding by international commitments in spite of shortage of resources, and how neither drug production nor consumption have decreased.  Human rights, public health, education deserve more international effort and more cooperation because no country can be successful on its own, although the OAS has recognised that Guatemala is a leader in this effort.  Emphasis must be placed on repairing damage to social fabric caused by drug trafficking.  UNGASS is a critical opportunity to impact collective consciousness of humankind.  Do not limit ourselves to reiterating what was said in the past.  An open and multisectoral dialogue must be promoted, including civil society and indigenous communities.  It’s necessary to engage in the most inclusive possible preparatory process for UNGASS reflecting new priorities.  Workshops should be replaced by 5 broadly attended roundtable discussions.

IDPC speech at CND Intersessional - 5th December 2014

Thank you for giving me the floor Mr. Chairman, esteemed delegates.  My intervention on behalf of International Drug Policy Consortium will be in two sections, procedural and substantive, although I believe as the Uruguay representative said yesterday that the procedural is substantive.

I thank the Chair and Secretariat for facilitating civil society involvement in the UNGASS process and welcome the many statements from member states on the importance of civil society in the UNGASS process. 

Meaningful engagement will not be achieved if debates and preparatory workshops remain structured according to CND rules so we need to find different ways of structuring debates so engagement is interactive and meaningful. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

CND Intersessional – Thursday 4th December, afternoon session

Discussions on draft decision L.17 Rev. 1 continue

(See draft of 2 December 2014 here)

(Mexico and EU going toe to toe on whether the extended bureau should stay on parallel with a new chair and bureau.)

Mexico: We were not invited in the latest round of informal negotiations and they know we are not in a position to reach consensus. This is not going to lead to a good result. The CND plays a significant role for the UNGASS but we have set a deplorable example in the manner we have been conducting ourselves over this issue. Transparent open consultations need to take place.